Wondering what is frozen yogurt? It’s yogurt being frozen, like ice-cream, but it’s better, it’s healthier. Everybody would argue that yogurt are beneficial for your digestive system. Ice-cream are most people’s favorite dessert ( don’t continue to read if you hate ice-cream). In short, frozen-yogurt is a combination of ice-cream’s good tastes and health benefits of yogurt. If you care about your health and you don’t dislike yogurt or ice-cream, frozen yogurt would definitely be your choice of dessert, or any meal of the day.

What makes our place special is that we have a varieties of flavors that you get to try before you choose. You can decorate your own yogurt cup with your favorite supper healthy toppings like fruits, nuts, cereals, gummy bears/worms, nuts, chocolate chips, chocolate syrups, marshmallow and more chocolate… I mean com’on, give yourself a break, toppings don’t need to be that healthy. Did i mention that our store is self-service? Yes, you get to try yogurt, pick your favorites, fill your cup up and decorate it with your favorite toppings all by yourself.

We offer 15% off for first time customers!